Holiday on Elba

A holiday on Elba is really rewarding. The Island of Elba is certainly a coveted destination for every type of holiday. It offers spectacular natural beauty, whether you love the sea or the mountains. Its western part is in fact mountainous, with a rough peak over 1000 meters, surrounded by dense forests of holm oaks and chestnut trees. The sea that surrounds it is among the most beautiful not only in Italy. It can be easily reached in one hour by boat from Piombino.

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Hill, woods, excursions just a few minutes from the sea.

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Internal overview of the apartment

Poggio - La “casetta Mingo e Tina”

           Poggio (Marciana)
           The "Mingo and Tina house"

Apartment consisting of: living room, kitchen normally equipped (3 burners, fridge, microwave, toaster), bedroom, bathroom with shower, 4 beds, air conditioning, small terrace. JUST RESTRUCTURED.

At the foot of the church of S. Niccolò, on top of the delightful village perched 300 m in the woods above sea level, pedestrian, silent, cool, endearing. At the foot of Mount Capanne, with many possibilities for high-altitude excursions; breathtaking views. Line bus. Shuttle Marebus.

Access to the sea in various locations, beach, rock, marina (Marciana Marina), in 10 minutes by car.

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L’Isola d’Elba e il mare

                The Island of Elba and the sea

The island of Elba, paradise perhaps too close and sometimes not considered in its marvelous beauty, equal if not superior to many other more fashionable destinations. Its fantastic succession of different landscapes, between sea, mountain forest.

Our part, the western part, is the most spectacular. Beautiful beaches, rocky sea with crystal clear waters, very attractive underwater excursions, with the possibility to visit interesting wrecks. The marina of Marciana Marina offers its receptivity and its services to boats of all kinds.

The sea of Elba does not need descriptions and does not fear comparisons with anyone else.

Beach, rock, pebbles, waters of absolute transparency and warm temperatures, enviable for others, even if desired destinations in other islands. Look at photos (and wanting videos that I attach links to) to believe.

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Il paesino medievale

                The medieval village

The small village of Poggio, where our apartment is located, is an absolutely fascinating place. Of medieval origins, perched on a ridge between sea and mountain, it is at the same time a holiday of sea and mountain. It offers spectacular views from every side. No vehicles are allowed inside it. The succession of alleys, stairs, small squares, configures a place of absolute suggestion. It counts two churches, of which the smallest, oldest, is located at the top of the village and dominates a small square (a few steps from our house) which has long been a symbol and a myth of the country. His staircase often attends also very crowded goliardic dinners, followed by improbable artistic and singing events. The country has been a tourist attraction since the sixties for the charm it emanates. The large square has recently been rearranged and, together with the many smaller ones and with the choreographic ensemble of alleyways and staircases, has defined Poggio 'salotto dell'Elba'.

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Il fascino magico

                    The magical charme

We who frequent the place for many years, we do not hesitate to use this expression. The photos present should confirm it. Many of those who have stayed there have returned, they have bought a house, they have settled there, at least with the thought, to live brackets of absolute tranquility. Behind it, the rocky Mount Capanne, with a height of over 1000 m, is a sensational excursion option (also with gondola lift) with breathtaking views over the Tuscan archipelago. It can also be reached by a direct path that leads from Poggio to the summit. Dense chestnut woods surround the village, which, even in the hot summer days, enjoys, especially in the evening, cool and pleasant temperatures.

As already said, in a few minutes by car you reach the favorite places for the sea, on all sides of the island. The marina of Marciana Marina is 5 minutes away and offers services for boats of all kinds. Upon returning to the village, a pleasant cool and dry temperature.


OTHERS VIDEO: search by author: "vindema rigo". Video: "Poggio salotto dell'Elba" e "L'Isola d'Elba grande", and also:

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